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We have had a very nice winter so far. Markus got serious about hockey and skating. He is playing defence and trying out playing the net. He is super motivated


With Trevor and Owen I have been going xcountry skiing. Chris and Markus join us when they can.


Though we usually go to the lovely trails near Kanata, I have been taking them to ski to cabins in the Gatineau park.


They are not terribly enthused about it, but usually do enjoy the experience.


Mont Sainte-Anne

This October we enjoyed a lovely vacation from our base camp in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.





Close to Quebec City where St Lawrence widens into the ocean, we enjoyed both hikes and the feeling of being at the sea. Owen run up Mont Sainte-Anne and Trevor carefully inspected every cargo ship on the horizon.

Summer, part I

It has been summer around our house and things have been absolutely crazy (in a good way).

Here are some fun things we have done…

We went on our annual Beaverbrook camping trip and had a great time paddling on the Kemptville Creek.

While paddling we stumbled onto the Kemptville festival and checked out a retired hot air balloon

Then Trev went on an awesome vacation…

And the rest of us stayed home and partied in our backyard.

We went on some nice walks.

And even rode our bikes a bit.

Lego races

The boys had a Lego car race. This is Trevor’s report: “Today we had are first weekly V6 race for me I sadly lost my tire and got eliminated Markus won p.s. the Balb Guy is Markus the robot is me and the guy in the jacket is Owen”
The winner, Markus, got to wear the victory suit

I don’t know if they had any more car races but they did build a big boat.


Meanwhile, Markus is all about making ridiculous statements.

M: Oh, new Chirp magazine! Ages 3 to 6. If I get any older I am doomed.
I don’t even want to have a birthday, I just want to continue reading Chirp

C: “Screen time has been proven to ruin children”…
T: I resent that!
M: I reject that! Even though I never actually married it….

He has grown his hair so it is almost as big as mine.


Markus gos an owl shaped kite. I had to rescue it from the roof of the school but it is still good.

Trevor has passed the babysitting course. This is Tweet, his first charge.

Owen at the optometrist’s office.

Markus helping with with coffee biking.


It has been a mild, easy February.


The boys did some concept work. Here is Owen’s plan for a cat robot:


Trevor is making plans for a large house. He is going to build a model of it during the March break.


Markus has been watching the Olympics and wants to do a lot of sports. His current favourite is figure skating, but others will do as well.


Winter Break

Tomorrow these boys go back to school after the two week break. We are all refreshed and ready for 2018.


The temperature during the break was -20C on the average so we did not got to do too much outside.


A few forts maybe…

We started skiing and snowboarding and went to a few museums.


Trevor has gotten into building model airplanes and Markus still loves owls and angles. He asked me to make him owl mittens. I tidied up his room and he was so happy he said it was the best day of his life. He doesn’t even need to clean his room any more – he can just put things where they belong!!!


Owen’s favourite book series is the Grumpy Cat graphic novel. He even got few posters of Grumpy up on his wall.

How does Mommy feel about fighting?

So these guys…


are fighting all the time!!! And then they are all good friends…. And then they fight out of nowhere!!! And then they are all good friends… And oh no, Owen bumped me! And oh no, Trevor said I can’t go into his room, and oh no, Markus is crushing me!!! And then they are friends and then they fight….



Markus’ new middle name is Ange-Hibou. He is so pleased when I tell him that he is my angel. Also, still super crazy about owls. I show him owl pictures I see in my twitter feed and he is super happy. If I accidentally show him a picture of a different bird, say an eagle, he gently reminds me that he is only interested in owls. Here are some already reported but noteworthy quotes:

C: what do you want for Christmas?
M: a toy owl which, when you press a button, it barfs up a mouse pellet.
C: …
T: that’s brilliant! I think I can make one for you!
M: Yay!
C: …yay?


M: I want to go to your hairdresser! Not daddy’s barber!
B: what, why?
M: they always shave my hair! I want them to dress it!

I think he actually wants to have angelic haircut. I am slightly scared but curious to see how this turns out.


Meanwhile Owie turned eight years old. He is still big tardigrade fan. Also, he is the most likely of the three of them to be first one ready in the morning. Though he is still easily distracted and a bit (ok, a lot) of a class clown, he can be organized and accomplished at things. He can win at connect4 even when playing with Chris!


Trevor has been full of plans lately. This weekend he had been drawing the blueprints for the house he is going to live in when he grows up. It has a lot of rooms.