Lego races

The boys had a Lego car race. This is Trevor’s report: “Today we had are first weekly V6 race for me I sadly lost my tire and got eliminated Markus won p.s. the Balb Guy is Markus the robot is me and the guy in the jacket is Owen”
The winner, Markus, got to wear the victory suit

I don’t know if they had any more car races but they did build a big boat.


Meanwhile, Markus is all about making ridiculous statements.

M: Oh, new Chirp magazine! Ages 3 to 6. If I get any older I am doomed.
I don’t even want to have a birthday, I just want to continue reading Chirp

C: “Screen time has been proven to ruin children”…
T: I resent that!
M: I reject that! Even though I never actually married it….

He has grown his hair so it is almost as big as mine.

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