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I’ve had a very lovely weekend. Trevor went to visit his Grandma in Montreal and Chris and I were left to fend for ourselves. We missed him a lot, but we managed. Saturday was my birthday so Chris took me on out traditional birthday fall foliage tour. We started off in Carp, where we went to the farmer’s market and got some fruits and veggies. We also had some tasty hot cider which suited me very well as the weather is turning chilly and I am still a bit hoarse from my cold.

We then took a scenic ride to Carleton Place where we went to one of my favorite cafes, The Good Food Co. and had a light lunch with more tasty hot cider, this time with a twist of orange and cinnamon. We walked around Carleton Place for a bit and then continued on to Quebec via the ferry. Through scenic Gatineau Park we arrived in Wakefiled where we walked around some more, looked at the steam train and then had lovely dinner at Chez Eric.

On Sunday we run errands and closed down the back yard for the winter. We’re going to get our little boy from Montreal tomorrow. I hear he has been having fun as well.

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We finally got some serious landscaping done in our side yard. This area had been a literal thorn in our side since we moved in because it had a lot of compacted gravel in it making us unable to do anything else there other than grow very large and thorny weeds. Well, no more. Chris rented a bobcat and removed the gravel this weekend. He rototillered the dirt and put some more top soil down.

I am so happy this got done. This area alone is larger than the whole back yard in our first house. What’s more is that this is the only area of our yard that is in the sun all day. Can you say veggie garden? I can. For the most part we will seed it and make it a place for Trevor to throw the ball around. I will put some taller perennials and wines next to the fence to dress it up a bit and put the veggie garden and the compost there.

Here are some pictures:

Fortunately, Chris is not allergic to Bobcats
Fortunately, Chris is not allergic to Bobcats

Oops! I guess we'll have to fix that. Or build a garden railway...
Oops! I guess we’ll have to fix that. Or build a garden railway…

A whole world of possibilities
A whole world of possibilities

The hard working guy who did it all
The hard working guy who did it all

Film – Hamlet 2

One of the myriad thoughts that went through my head today was “OMG blog!” I have been very negligent with updating both mine and Trev’s blogs. I have been crazy busy and quite stressed out. As usual I have a lot on my plate.

I did manage to go to the Opera on the weekend, so all is not that bad. I am also taking a course this semester. It is an Open Source Development course. The teacher is falling over backwards to make it exciting so I am looking forward to it.

I managed to close down the front garden the weekend before and I just have to do the back now. I will try and do it on the weekend. Trev is being wonderful and tonight he is all mine. I’ll take him to the park if the weather is nice.

Film – The Rape of Europa

After two years of not really doing much, I have gotten back to the dirt. I didn’t get much done yet, but I have taken pictures of the yard and made some notes.


I have made some progress of de-rocking the bit between the driveway and the path and have cleaned up about a third of the woodland trampoline area. More to come!

Bike chariots

After another failed attempt at getting Trevor’s hair cut, we decided to cut our losses and go look around for a bike trailer. So far this one is the favourite. It is a bit on the pricey side so we are looking at our options. I have been keeping an eye on postings at work to see if anyone is selling these but they are so expensive and useful once you have them that people who have gone through the trouble of buying one keep them for years.

Other than that, I got some digging done and planted a few daylilies between the driveway and the path. Daylilies grow like crazy so, once I am done they should take over in a year or two. I have a lot of landscaping to do, particularly on the far side of the house where we will completely redo the area and perhaps put in a play structure or a sandbox. We will need to fence this part of the yard from the main back yard which I don’t know if we’re going to be able to do fully this year. I still need a good idea for the area in front of the fence because it has been completely taken over by weeds. We are going to put in a door as well so a little path is in order.

On the other hand, with all the other responsibilities I have, I should not be spending more than 3 hours a weekend on it. I will probably put in a bit more time in the spring and do less in the summer.