Film: Hope

Ok, the blog is back up! Let’s try and get through all the movie titles we’ve seen in the last bit. I wasn’t going to write about skiing this winter because I did it last year but I looked at the photos and just could not help myself.

Unlike last year the Quebec border was open the whole winter so we were able to go to Gatineau as soon as there was enough snow. Alas, the shelters remained closed until mid February so until then our outings were really freezing.


On this particular outing (Taylor lake), the wind was really strong too so we had a few snow drifts to get thought. The kids were having fun though, especially when the wind was at our back and we were skiing fast.


While Gatineau is the best for skiing, trails in and around Kanata got a lot of attention this year. I was on my skis several times a week and was able to get some good family time.


Though each outing was amazing, the highlight for me was the visit to Lusk cave and backcountry ski to Lusk cabin from there. This was a challenging feat for the kids and its will be a few more years until we venture off the groomed trails but it was absolutely beautiful.