Film: Drive my Car

I got to do something special during the March break, I took my teen to Montreal. While that was not so much the intention, we ended up visiting the Montreal of my teenage days.


We did a beautiful hike up the mountain. They actually have a groomed ski track there now.

Plexus is long gone but Eva B is still holding the frippery line strong .

Eva B

We got two skirts for $5 and $15 respectively when I remembered that I used to haggle there. In my defence, the first time I went there they told me they will give me a better deal if I asked. I did not have the heart to haggle this time.

Look at me not haggling

Trev has been taking about getting a pair Docs so off to Rio/X20 we went. Rio was a bit of a heart break as it reminded me of the protagonist’s parent’s store from Kästner’ “Going to the Dogs”. Despite the walls still being decorated with punk posters and hard core jackets, the whole store was filled with only one type of shoe for sale. Sadly we shuffled across the street to X20 where we fortunately were not disappointed.

School bus yellow Docks

We got some records at L’Oblique, my favourite bus stop (its is not actually a bus stop, it is very close to the Mont Royal Metro where I would happily skip to while waiting for the bus…). The guy at the cash was still the same after all these years.


We ended our visit with the Fine Arts Museum and a quick walk past Concordia University and Guy Metro station.


Film: The Worst Person in the World

Wow, how long has it been since I’ve written about the books I’ve read? Let’s make some clever comments about a few of them.

“Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino – Marco Polo and Kublai Kahn having a fun chat about everything and nothing.

“A Manual for Cleaning Women” by Lucia Berlin – Short stories about a mom of four in the 50’s America.

“The Wrong End of the Telescope” by Rabih Alameddine – Introspection on the Syrian refugee crisis terrifiingly well written.

“Harsh Times” by Mario Vargas Llosa – American foreign policy sucks.

“Convenience Store Woman” by Sayaka Murata – How to find your perfect job.

“Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro – A boarding school story until..

Film: French Dispatch

This is a story of wrong turns and dead ends as represented by knitting I ripped out or abandoned over the years.

Colours having a screeching match

You see, I am a process knitter. Yes, I like a nice sweater as much as the next person, but it is the discovery process that brings me back to this hobby.

Not enough contrast and double strand made sweater unbearably warm

Different yarns, techniques and garment construction drives the work and a good sweater is like a mystery novel, how will it turn out???

Too loose in the back. I remade this with a lot more tailoring.

Sometimes I reknit a single garment several times until I get everything right.

Beautiful but how to incorporate it into something useful?

Sometimes the challenge is to figure out what works best for the given yarn. Materials can be too soft or harsh for the original project idea. Will it look nice? Will it wear well?

Lumpy tree

Sometimes ideas percolate for years. I made Lumpy in 2005 but put him back in the yarn basket as it was not what I was looking for at the time. I put bells on a few weeks ago on a lark and now we have the star of the show.

So here is to finding joy in learning moments. Merry Yuletide and best of luck in the New Year!

Film: The Green Knight

I took the boys to the newly reopened Bytowne Cinema to see The Green Knight. The film started just after 8PM on a school night and as it started I was worried it was a little too scary for Markus. In the end the boys loved it. Trevor though it was great but it made no sense. Owen “dude! It is a poem, it is not supposed to make sense”‘d him. Markus, who cut his nightmare teeth on the killer rabbit from Monty Phyton and the Holly Grail, did not turn his night light on since we’ve been to the cinema. So, success!

Film: Beans

We’ve spent a beautiful week in the mountains.


Booked a cottage on a lake so we can always be somewhere pretty.


Climbed up Mont Tremblant ski hill and took the gondola down.

1 (2)

This is the first year that everyone had an easy time climbing all the way up.


The next day we went to the Mont Tremblant Park.


Climbed up to the La Corniche lookout.


We needed a little break and hang around the neighbourhood on Saturday. Markus was really excited to finally try kayaking.


Scrambling up and down trails at Montagne D’Argent was the funnest hike.


Between the surprise (to us) meteor shower and kids fighting less than I expected them to, we had another wonderful holiday.