Film: Les Miserables

Wizard Markus

It’s been well over a year since Markus was born and I feel that I have finally managed to get back on track. I have caught up with workload at the office and am back on a normal sustainable schedule. We manage to spend a few nice hours with the kids in the evening and for the most part we have been able to make and eat good meals.

The house is still full of clutter and though it annoys me it is probably going to stay this way for a while since I have to ration my vacation days for the fun stuff like actual vacations. On the positive note, we have implemented a strict kids clean up their toys or else policy and it is working so far (a full week!). Now we just have to get them to clean up our junk and we’re set.

Speaking of vacations we’re planning a few new things for this year. PEI is our big destination but hopefully we’ll get a few more short trips. Some camping and biking I hope, with obligatory leaf peeping for my b-day. We’re starting to look at summer camps for Trev, crazy!

As far as fitness goes I have shifted into a new gear. Last six years were all about pregnancies and caring for babies and my “wellness” (what a stupid word, even apostrophes are not making it any cooler but it is too close to my bedtime to pull out a thesaurus) routine was aligned with this. The challenge now is to find a way to stay in nice shape given limited time and decreased tolerance of fitness classes and fads that comes with age. Though I was perfectly happy to take aerobics classes, lift weights at the gym and not eat for half a day just so I can enjoy an evening yoga class in my twenties I am highly unlikely to do any of that now. I am putting my money on different variations of biking by spinning in winter and doing at least one longer ride per week in the summer. That is the plan anyhow.

I was considering taking a sewing class but am leaning towards getting some sort of self guided lesson instead. That is, I was planning that until my sewing machine cracked for the third time since October. That $200 to repair the thirty year old clunker that I though was a great idea turned out to be a complete waste. Oh well, that’ll learn me. I am going to start looking at new machines though I am not planning on actually purchasing anything until the fall. At least I have knitting.

And yes, I am going to find new theme for the blog background. I guess I am not a fan of the clean and uncluttered web page look. To counteract the boringness of the page, here is the picture of my little wizard: (edited, the picture is now on the top of the post)

It is not shown here, but while I was not looking Trevor brought in a huge stick into the house. It did not take long for the redheaded Merlin to find it and turn it into a staff. Fortunately for most domestic applications he prefers cutlery.

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  1. Ovo je super layout! Totalno ludo. Ovo je puno bolje nego onaj onaj stari izgled.

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