Film – X-Men: The Last Stand

This film is the finest piece of crotchsploitation since “They live”. The climax goes something like this:


Jean is using her mutant powers to vaporize the ocean and create eye of the tiger around her. Everyone is running for their lives but Logan knows that he is the only one who can stop her from destroying the world. He reaches Jean at the centre. Jean is fighting her power but Phoenix (her alter ego) is more powerful.

Destruction is all around them and Logan’s clothes and flesh start falling off in little pieces. He heals fast and draws to her.

Jean: You must stop me before I destroy everything…
Logan: I love you…

He stabs her from below with his amazing retractable claws. Jean’s head and shoulders arch back. Ocean returns to liquid form and the world is a happy place.

Oh yeah, there was plot too but who cares?