Some numbers

I need to get back into taking regular pictures. This is the best I can come up with for the last few weeks:


Our garden is doing really well but so is our CSA farm so we’re overrun with veggies!!!

Anyhoo, I have been keeping track of my biking in order to analyse trends and determine whether it was worth getting a cargo bike.


My biking is split between transport and sport biking. My sport biking has dropped in late June and was almost non-existent during July due to being sick, bad weather (heat wave, forest fires in Quebec, almost daily thunderstorms etc…). I was also undergoing conversion to the new bike which made me reluctant to go on long rides before I knew that the bike has been properly adjusted and I used to it. The bike is set up now and I have already put 200km on it. Another problem with getting the sports rides in is that I was relying on Ottawa Bicycle Club Tuesday Night Rides which alternate starting points making them sometimes super-convenient and sometimes too far to bother making the trip. To this I have since added Local Bike Store club rides and shorter rides with a neighbour so now I am almost guaranteed at least 10km of “training” per week.

Since the weather and road conditions allowed it I have been transporting at least 100km per month which I will consider as very good. Not all of my commuting is on the cargo bike, but a lot of it is and I am certainly happy to have it.

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