Metric Century – check!

Now that my two weeks of solitude are coming to a close I have to admit that the two things I was expecting to happen did not happen. I did not expect to have no free time and I did not expect to not be lonely. Most of my time was taken up by work on the shed and at the office and I was so very pleasantly surprised to have so many people come over to visit me or invite me over. I don’t think I had a single “not doing anything” day. It was amazing!

This weekend I also got a couple of great second hand deals:


I love elephants and I love ottomans. Can you go wrong with this guy???


A neighbour e-mail me to tell me she is getting rid of two boys bikes. I love my neighbours!

Finally, the best part of the weekend – I completed my first metric century!!!


I have been training for this for over two years and I am so excited we did it. I am so glad Luisa was able to join me – it was so much more fun doing it with a friend.


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