Film: The Martian

I’ve come up with a million different blog post topics. Should I write about how hectic life is? Or sing praises to the hiking knickers? Maybe actually review The Maritan? No! I will review my last years’ goals. My success is “achieved goal, but…”. It was nice to spend more time on actual vacations, but I ended up struggling to get things done without any free time by the end of the year. I learned a heap of delicious new recipes, but my kids will not touch the stews with a ten foot fork. I grew beautiful berries, but I ate them all on the way back from the garden to the kitchen. Watched a couple of good films, but then fell down a rabbit hole of depressing sic-fi and had to take a break.

So forget resolutions. Back to knickers… I believe similar were used for x-country skiing around these parts.


You can’t really walk into a sports store and buy corduroy knickers any more, you’d have to go on Etsy. Come to think of it, you probably could not buy them in the late 80’s when this photo was taken either (go hand-me-downs!). I’ll tell you a secret though – 3/4 yoga pants will do.

We wish you a wonderful winter solstice time and may the ever increasing daylight bring many knicker-worthy adventures!

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  1. Da, za skijaško tr?anje bile su sli?ne gojzerice, ali s “nosom” kojim su se hvatale za vezove. Što je ovo? Velebit?

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