Film: French Dispatch

This is a story of wrong turns and dead ends as represented by knitting I ripped out or abandoned over the years.

Colours having a screeching match

You see, I am a process knitter. Yes, I like a nice sweater as much as the next person, but it is the discovery process that brings me back to this hobby.

Not enough contrast and double strand made sweater unbearably warm

Different yarns, techniques and garment construction drives the work and a good sweater is like a mystery novel, how will it turn out???

Too loose in the back. I remade this with a lot more tailoring.

Sometimes I reknit a single garment several times until I get everything right.

Beautiful but how to incorporate it into something useful?

Sometimes the challenge is to figure out what works best for the given yarn. Materials can be too soft or harsh for the original project idea. Will it look nice? Will it wear well?

Lumpy tree

Sometimes ideas percolate for years. I made Lumpy in 2005 but put him back in the yarn basket as it was not what I was looking for at the time. I put bells on a few weeks ago on a lark and now we have the star of the show.

So here is to finding joy in learning moments. Merry Yuletide and best of luck in the New Year!

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