Canadian Shield Sailors

Poneki mornar mozda
Ostane bez ladje,
Ali bez mora
To je izuzetan peh
Balasevic – “Panonski mornar”

As I loaded up my work PC on Monday, I was overcome by a strong urge to go bike to the cafe and have a cappuccino while looking at the boats. At first I was puzzled and then I realized that it is July and I am not used to working in July. I sighed a little bit, put on the flickr slideshow from last summer and continued working.

Last July

Despite the utter lack of seaside we have been having a nice summer. The boys are making use of both front and back yard. They have discovered dirt as the new favourite toy so there is a dig in the flower bed next to the garage. Shovels and Tonka trucks are involved.

This July

I am feeling good, but am getting quite big so walking and even standing are starting to be a problem. I can still bike pretty well (Yay!). We are trying to come up with a name for the baby, but nothing good has been thought of yet.

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