2011 started off with me completing my graduate degree. After this I needed a bit of a break but I got pregnant instead. This caused the most severe case of mommy brains ever and I am still suffering from it.


Despite the mommy brains, I learned to spin and practiced a few new (to me) knitting techniques. This year I made eight hats, three pairs of mitts, two pairs of socks and one scarf.


I have also taken to examine my lifestyle habits in terms of where I go on regular basis and how I get there. This was particularly relevant to how much I bike. After some exhaustive wheel gazing I determined that despite only saving me one not quite full tank of gas per year, biking is really fun.


This year for whatever reason we missed our usual vacations, i.e. Cres and Vermont/New Hampshire. I am looking forward to re-establishing these in the coming years. We made up by going to Zagreb and London in April.


While Chris and I were narrowly avoiding the Royal Wedding in London, the boys were pampered in Zagreb and nearby spa towns.

unuci 2011 063

We made the best of June while sailing in the pool. I’ve taken to taking the kids to the library at least once a week. If I have read a lot this year, I have not read much literature. I barely read a few of the Canada Reads books and I read Hornby’s Slam which I picked up used on the South Bank. I finally got around to reading a collection of short stories “Pokazi koliko me cijenis” which my sister gave me a few years ago. All of these were enjoyable.


An interesting and successful experiment was completed this year as we have signed up for CSA (community supported agriculture). This made for very happy and healthy eating throughout the growing season.


By fall, firstborn has graduated from preschool. He later started kindergarten and is so far enjoying it.


September brought lots of excitement with the birth of Markus.


After Markus was born, grandparents stayed with us for a while to spoil the older two while I am taking are of the baby.


This year I have been very exhausted, mommy brained and mostly focused on getting the most essential tasks done and caring for my family. Despite this mostly myopic lifestyle I was glad to have spent time with friends and family. At work, home, in the neighbourhood and overseas, while knitting or watching movies with kids or without, I don’t know how coherent I was but I was glad to have wonderful and interesting people to talk to this year.


We have big plans for next year and I hope it will be another good one.

Happy New Year!


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