Spring cleaning


Ever since the days started getting longer I have been so excited about spring. I don’t mind the occasional snow storm because April is supposed to be snowy, but I can feel the weather getting warmer. And when these little friends start showing up for the party you know it is going to get better.


I’ve looked through my Ravelry page and realised I’ve only knitted three items this year. Admittedly, two of them were sweaters and as such a lot of work, but still. This year only accessories and only stash yarn. I challenge myself!

I also have another little challenge on the go. I want to do Costco run on the bike. Partially because I’ve never done it and thought it almost impossible and partially because it just sounds crazy and who does not want crazy??? So yes, 20kg of milk, 10kg of flour or other grains, and five kilos of fruits and vegetables. Maybe a little of meat and fish to make things interesting… Can I make it home or will I be calling Chris from the bottom of Palladium drive to pick me up with the minivan? Tune in to find out.

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