44 lines about 22 bike things

Winter was harsh with ice and salt
I still managed to bike once every month

Tracking my rides with Endomondo
I am a geek for numbers and stats

I’ll upload group rides or interesting trips to Strava
That’s where my hardcore biking friends are

My spinning heart rate monitor croaked
If the price is good I’ll get a fancy one

Mamachari’s wheel is bent
Luckily I have a spare

Library depo’s bike rack is sucky and far
I’ve asked the Kanata councillor to look in

Kanata’s Scouts’ exchange was a blast
In 45 minutes most bikes were gone

Got an entry level road bike
Late 80’s Bianchi with brand new wheels

The stem is short and almost out of “print”
I’ve got connections for spare parts

Chris gave me his seat and pedals
Must find the time to swap the stem…

The most exciting bike news of all
We’ve got our Edgerunner home from the shop

Xtracycle is running low on parts
So we’re waiting for Peapod, Hooptie and Running boards

Mucked around with child seats
It’s not perfect but we can move

Super excited about the hub
No lamps yet, maybe this week or next

Signed up for Bike to Work Ottawa
There’s still more prizes than participants

Joined Ottawa Bicycle Club
The Tuesday Night Ride was a total blast

I need to get the road bike ready
Hybrid does not like its kickstand removed

Definitely not going to take the Edgerunner
I am not taking this thing off

I’ve put electrolytes in my water
Did not get ice cream headache on the long ride

Chris is again on aluminium wheels
He’s back on cycle track so to say

Owen got a new bike too
It’s blue and red and easier to ride

Markus took over the trike
It’s all his now through and through

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