After completing the green sweaters for Trevor and myself last year I have been knitted out. It really did not help that the sweaters did not turn out particularly good though Trev likes his and Markus has stolen it now and refuses to take it off. I love my kids and they love me but that does not mean I am not down in the dumps as a kniter. Time to pick that stitch back up…

You might remember how after the sweater marathon I decided to only do accessories and only use stash yarn? Well that is kind of hard. Doable though…

Step 1: Pattern: I picked this one. It’s simple and it makes a shawl – something I have not made before.
Step 2: Pick yarn: I have a lot of yarn but not a lot of yarn of the same colour. I tried swatting a few different combinations…

some of which were terrible!

I finally decided on this combination of colours,
but not in that order.

I have some ambitions of adding pink.
If I do it will not be until the edge.

So, what do you think? Worth it or another dead end?

2 Replies to “Swatching”

  1. Odlicno. Osim toga mozes i moje rukave od moje zelene veste dovrsiti. U sal mozes metnuti puno boja, sto vise to bolje i nemoj nista parati.

  2. I think it’ll be worth it — can you really have too many warm, woolly things going into winter? : )
    Besides, even if when you’re done you’re not a huge fan of the shawl (like my recent beaded experience), you have a Christmas present for someone else ready to go!

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